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Dinamika Medicine

Dinamika Medicine - the digital analyzer of biorhythms - is a hardware-software complex, intended to analyze human heart and brain rhythms extracted from an electrocardiosignal in the broadband frequency. The system is based on a new information analysis technology of non-linear signals of a different physical nature - a so-called "Fractal Neurodynamics".

Designing the system, the latest achievements in theoretical and clinical medicine and physiology were used, and a number of new highly informative health evaluating indices are offered.


Dinamika Medicine allows: 

  • to estimate - in the screening mode - a level and reserves of a cardiovascular, vegetative and central regulation, and to evaluate deflections of these parameters from normal values;
  • estimate a level of indemnification and power resources of an organism at various levels of a regulation;
  • to monitor - in the dynamical monitoring mode - a functional condotion of the patient and to estimate the effectiveness of various methods of therapy at realization of treatment-and-prophylactic measures;
  • using color and musical stimulation and specialy controlled respiration in the biological feedback mode - to correct psycho-emotional infringements and to cause the "dope effect" in case of weakness and to remove a strain;
  • to create a medical report and give necessary recommendations as the results of a computer-aided analysis.

The "Dinamika Medicine" system helps doctors of any field of medicine to monitor all parameters of the functional condition of a patient, to predict their changes, to estimate the organism's resources and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

In cooperation traditional and non-traditional therapy, the hardware-software complex "Dinamika Medicine" allows to create the unique diagnostical-therapeutic mini-studies with the completed cycle "diagnostics - therapy - monitoring - forecast" in various enviromental conditions.

System capabilities

  • ECG registration in any standard lead and real-time monitoring of the functional condition parameters.
  • Self-regulation level estimating in the biological feedback mode.
  • Screening and diagnostics of the functional condition of a patient.
  • Dynamical monitoring of changes of the functional conditions parameters - health calendar and clock.
  • Daily forecast of the psycho-physical activity in the "biological clock" mode.
  • Estimation of the cardiovascular condition and neuro-humoral regulation according to the "golden section" on the ECG timing parameters.
  • Estimation of the vegetative regulation parameters using statistic, time and spectral methods of heart rhythms analysis.
  • Estimation of the central regulation parameters and the endocrine system by the methods of neurodynamics analysis of the human biological rhythms.
  • Estimation of the psycho-physical condition o f the patient by the methods of the phase analysis and the brain biorhythms mappings.
  • Estimation degree of a harmonization of biorhythms of an organism and evaluation of an information parameter of the immune status by the fractal analysis method.
  • Controllable psycho-physiological therapy ("the dope effect") in the biological feedback mode.  
  • Automatic evaluation of the PQRST parameters with the ability of manual correction.
  • Giving the complex medical report as the results of computer-aided analysis.
  • Saving and printing the results of survey.
  • Individual medical card-file of an ambulatory with a built-in database on 15000 diagnoses.
  • Electronic patients file which can be exported, imported and archived.

At the end of measurment the software writes a proper breath program for a patient. The duration of this exercise is about 5 minutes.

Application areas:

  • The profile medical research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, first-aid posts of the industrial enterprises and establishments:
  • Dynamic observation over parameters of the functional condition of a patient during therapeutic treatment;
  • selecting schemes and optimization of the different methods of treatment;
  • multi-functional monitoring in surgeries, resuscitations and intensive care chambers;
  • monitoring and forecast of the functional condition parameters during an aftertreatment.
  • Polyclinics, centers of preventive medicine, studies of functional diagnostics, private medical studies:
  • express - diagnostics of the functional and psychophysical condition of a patient with printing of a computer report by results of survey;
  • detection of the patients requiring for additional clinical survey at the doctors in profile medical establishments;
  • detection of the patients of an oncologic types, including at early stages of disease;
  • evaluation of effictiveness of traditional and nonconventional methods of therapy during a treatment.
  • The specialized medical departments of atomic stations, airlines, police, banks etc.:
  • selecting the staff for operating work with completing a personal database of physiological parameters;
  • screening and diagnostics during medical observations of staff;
  • monitoring and forecast of a psychophysical condition of operators, dispatchers, pilots, drivers, and other persons in requirements of a nervous-emotional strain and monotonic work;
  • Individual choice of optimum agents of regeneration at overwork and chronic overstrain: vitamin balance, normalization of dream etc.;
  • detecting drug-users, including using drugs at a working place.
  • The scientific - practical centers of sports medicine, sports clubs, sports schools, health centers:
  • Express - monitoring of acclimatization of the sportsman to exercise stresses training level and power resources estimation;
  • Evaluation of a level of a self-regulation in the "biological feedback" mode and monitoring of the psycho-emotional condition of a sportsman during competitions;
  • Dynamic observation over parameters of the sports form during post-trauma aftertreatment and during bolstering and corrective medicamental and physiotherapeutic treatment.

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