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ANESA is built into Medical Tablet PC


ANESA Automatic Non-invasive Express Screening Analyzer determines the state of organism, its functional, hemodynamic balance, water - and gas exchange from position of homeostasis, which is interrelated with fermentation and immunologic correction. Determines metabolizm and patologies of nerve, heart and circulatory systems, internal organs, supporting and motoring systems, blood circulation

The non-invasive test for a short time from 3 to 12 minutes, after that you get 130 parameters which characterizes the state of the human body. Among these there are several indicators what would otherwise be determined only by surgery.

Measuring and data processing are carrying out by methods of Dr.Malyhin. The analyzer ANESA has certificates in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.






Award of the German Academy of Natural Sciences (left) and Crystal Diploma of the Ministry of Health United Arab Emirates (right).



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