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The device is designed for therapeutic action on tissues and inner organs of a patient by low-intensity electromagnetic field with frequency band of 100-1,500 MHz when used in the medical institutions and medical and preventive treatment facilities.
Emitted electromagnetic waves result in the oscillatory effect in the human body, thus stimulating activity of the physical and chemical processes in the body.
Penetrating power of the decimeter waves in tissue makes up 8-11 cm at an average. Skin and subcutaneous fat thickness have no significant influence on reflection coefficient and absorption coefficient of the decimeter waves.
The device is recommended for use in the medical institutions, medical and preventive treatment facilities, health resorts and out-patient clinics.

Characteristic  Value

Supply voltage of AC network of 50 Hz (V) 220±22

Power, consumed from network, not more (V•A)     15
Frequency band of electromagnetic oscillations, emitted (MHz) 100…1,500

Number of generators 8
Electromagnetic radiation level at 1.2 m, not more (μW/cm2) 2,5
Total rated output power (W) 0,1 
Time for setting of operation mode from switch-on point, not more (s) 30
Timer setup tolerance at procedure duration up to 60 minutes (s) ±60

Timer setup tolerance at procedure duration above 60 minutes (s) ±120

Mean time to failure, not less (hours) 2,500
Overall dimensions of the apparatus (mm) 260х180х65

Weight without spare parts and accessories, not more (kg) 1,5
Weight of complete equipment set, not more (kg) 2,0


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