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General safety rules for ANESA
General safety rules for ANESA

It is prohibited to use the analyzer if:


· ambient temperature is higher than + 27°C or lower than +20°C;

· relative humidity is more than 80%, at 25 oC;

· atmospheric pressure is less than 82 or higher than 101.38 kPa;

· aggressive vapour are presented in the air;

· spaces are dusty;

· there is direct sunshine in the room;

· strong electric and magnetic fields are presented;

· environment is moist.


During operation and maintenance of the system, the following safety measures shall to be kept:

a) It is prohibited to use the analyzer in case of damaged cable isolation.

b) Before usage, make a visual inspection of analyzer for detecting any possible broken and torn parts, or other mechanical damages.

c) Avoid the analyzer against moisture condensation. In case of fast ambient temperature change, allow at least 30 minutes to evaporate the moisture.

d) Power cable of PC shall have protective ground wire, and the plug shall have ground connection, and shall be conform with mains socket.

e) Data processing units connected to device (Model ANESA-L/2007, ANESA-L/2007w, ANESA-L/2012, ANESA-L/2012w) shall be used with safety transformer which shall meet requirements of standard MSZ:60601-1/1997 related to medical devices (e.g. ST-200 transformer made by Standel Ltd.).

f) Do not twist the mains cable and place it in such a way, to avoid its damage.

g) It is prohibited to use aerosols and liquids for cleaning the device.

h) Always place the analyzer on stable and solid surface.

i) It is prohibited to use the analyzer in tinderbox, e.g. in room where flammable sleeping-draughts are kept.

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