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Basic principle of ANESA device function.
Function of the ANESA analyzer is based on interrelation of work of the blood circulation system of insides with heat of chemical reaction of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon. Changes of temperature determine the activity of chemical elements through interrelation of Nitrogen compounds and Hydrogen bounding furthermore, through interrelation of Oxygen melting factor changes.
The goal of the examinations is determination of changes in composition of blood shaped elements and during the end of chemical reactions which have interconnects with Oxygen consumption and Carbon dioxide exhaust regulated by organism, having influence to level of protein and lipids in cell membranes.
Taking into consideration, that the ANESA analyzer measures the temperature through optic sensors, there is no any influence to the patients' organism.

Function of the ANESA analyzer:
Principle of function of the ANESA non-invasive blood test and metabolite analyzer is based on measurement of temperature of biologically active "reference" point of the human body which data loaded, to PC from keyboard is then processed there.
Device has five sensors, which are to be placed onto so-called biologically active points of patients' body.

Bioactive or so-called reference-points used during examination, are following:
Bifurcation of the right and left neck artery (two points)
Right and left armpit (two points)
Umblical area (one point)

Prior to examination, the five sensors are to be placed onto patient, and the personal data of him, and breath rate, pulse rate are to be loaded to PC from the keyboard. Then the data collection and calculation software starts. Analyzer processes signals coming from sensors placed on body of the patient, converts these signals to digital form and passes them to the PC.

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